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5 Best Rafting Places in Bali

    5 Best Rafting Places in Bali

    5 Best Rafting Places in Bali – The river is one of the springs that exist on earth. Therefore many people use the river for their daily activity and many also use the river for recreation and sports. One of them is White Water Rafting. Rafting is a fairly well-known sport. In fact, rafting itself has become a tourist attraction that is often tried by people. Like rafting in Bali.

    By using a Bali tour package, you can ecperience rafting at the best places in Bali to test your adrenaline. We recommend cheap tour packages in Bali, if you want to save money.

    5 Best Rafting Places in Bali

    There are so many rivers that can be used for rafting in Bali. But only a few will really test your adrenaline. The swift current makes its own attraction for those who want to try rafting. Here, some of these rivers, you can try rafting with fun. Check out the following article!

    Rafting on the Ayung River

    Ayung River is a river that is famous for its rafting tourism. Why not, the river flow is indeed suitable for rafting sports. This rafting tour in Bali will pump your adrenaline, because during paddle rowing you will feel the rush of continuous river water.
    Rafting at this place must be accompanied by an instructor. So that you and your friends can avoid the dangers of the risks that may occure. So, don’t try rafting without an instructor. You could be stucked between the rocks and even fall out of the boat and hit the rocks.

    Ayung Rafting & Ubud Tour

    Rafting on the Telaga Waja River

    The next river that is no less challenging is the Telaga Waja river. The Telaga Waja river flow is also not much different from the Ayung river flow. Rafting on this river you will feel mounting tension. The advantages of rafting here, you will be presented with clean water with cool air which will certainly add fun along the route.

    There are 3 waterfalls that we meet on rafting tours in Bali. Even beautiful scenery adorns the entire route. You and your friends will feel high adrenaline that is stunning.

    Rafting on River Melangit

    Rafting tours in Bali are also no less interesting with the scenery that is presented by Telaga Waja. Sungai Melangit also has its own uniqueness for rafting which is, the typical rural scenery is able to hypnotize us with cool dishes that make the body fresh. Here you will also be presented with a view in the form of a waterfall. Besides rafting, you also need to try other tours that you can get in the Bali tour package. Back to rafting, local activities in the Melangit river will also add to the rafting trip.

    Rafting on the Pakerisan River

    For you who want to add to your vacation schedule besides rafting, you can choose from cheap tour packages in Bali. Well, you have heard of Tampaksiring Palace. This is where Pakeriaan becomes the main river in the area. Ripple on the river current is indeed not so hard, so you can avoid the dangers of accidents during rafting.

    Rafting in Unda River

    Unda River is also used as the best rafting tour package in Bali. Unda River is adjacent to the Telaga Waja River. When compared with other rafting sites, the Unda river is still fairly new. But that does not mean the Unda river is a less challenging rafting tour. The Unda river flow is the same as Telaga Waja, very heavy

    Rafting in Bali

    The island of Bali does offer a variety of Bali tour packages, with a variety of tours that must be visited. White water rafting is not the only populer thing to do in Bali, there are surfing and other sports offered by cheap tour packages in Bali. Now for more details you can read on the web: Wayan Bali Driver.

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