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5 Choices of Family Cars You Can Rent in Bali

    5 Choices of Family Cars You Can Rent in Bali

    5 Choices of Family Cars You Can Rent in Bali – Vacation with family is a long-awaited moment. After the routine is busy doing work activities, vacation with family is a tired drug that works. Bali is a tourist destination that can treat you and your family’s fatigue. On this island, you don’t need to be confused about renting a car for your friends and family. We, Wayan Bali Driver provide a car that you can use to travel with family in Bali. In addition, you can also rent a car for other purposes.

    The car rental prices that we offer are very affordable for you. But you don’t worry, the car that we provide is of high quality. We really prioritize your satisfaction with your family. For that, we as a trusted car rental service provider provide various types of cars that are suitable for you and your family.

    5 Choices of Family Cars You Can Rent on Bali to Fill Your Vacation

    For those of you who are or will be visiting Bali with your family, there is no need to worry. The 5 family cars we rent will accompany your vacation trip with family in Bali. Next we describe 5 types of cars that are perfect for you and your family.



    Toyota car manufacturers are perfect for you to fill your vacation in Bali. By renting this car, you can vacation with your extended family. Because, Hiace’s car can carry up to 16 passengers. This type of commuter car is also liked by many customers because of its luxurious impression and at the same time provides comfort in travel. This large dimension vehicle is also capable of passing various terrain. This will certainly provide your comfort in traveling.

    Our car rental services offer several benefits that you can by renting our decorative cars. The price we offer is quite cheap. Renting a decorative car at us includes the driver and fuel. Besides that, the temperature of the hiace car that we rent is very cool.


    We also provide fortuner car rentals for your vacation with family. This luxury car is very comfortable for a long trip on your holiday in Bali around various tourist locations in Bali. Fortuner is quite tough for various fields of tourism in Bali. Rent fortuner in our car guaranteed to be cheap. You can compare it with other rental cars in Bali. Our Fortuner car is ready to give the impression of luxury for your vacation with family.

    Innova Reborn


    This Toyota car is very elegant for your vacation with family. With this car, your vacation and family will be very memorable. This type is known to be quite tough in various fields. Innova Reborn is ready to take you around to various tourist attractions in Bali. Classified as a luxury car, this car will provide comfort to you when driving.

    Isuzu ELF

    isuzu elf

    Isuzu Elf is perfect for your holiday in Bali with your family. This 10-12 passenger capacity car is ready to deliver to the tourist attractions you want with your family. With this capacity, a large number of your family will not be a problem for you. The price we offer is also quite cheap.


    For those of you who want a trip with a luxury car, we also provide a Toyota Alphard Transformer. This luxury car manufacturer from Toyota is famous for its various advanced features. Of course, with this alphard car, your trip around Bali will be very impressive. This car is one of the most sought-after cars in Bali.

    So 5 family cars that you can rent to travel with family in Bali. and we also service standard car rentals such as the Toyota Avanza, Suzuki APV, Daihatsu Senia especially those who travel 1 to 4 people and for more information about prices and other needs, please visit our website, We always prioritize the satisfaction of your trip in Bali.

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