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Affordable and Comfortable Car Rental Services in Bali

    Affordable and Comfortable Car Rental Services in Bali – Car rental can now be a solution for those of you who need a private car in a short time. This car rental is suitable for those who want to travel far. Why is the car rental really suitable? You could say rent a car for a trip is much more economical. Because you don’t need to spend money on car maintenance after a long trip, such as oil repair or replacement.

    Car rental in UbudNot only that, a car vacation is also a solution for those of you who want to vacation or vacation likes. Arriving at the destination, confused about what to ride because there are no tourist spots, there is an agreement you just rent a car. However, before that, someone agreed that you should consider things that should not be done when depositing a car.

    Affordable and Comfortable Car Rental Services in Bali

    Do Not Rent A Car If There Is No SIM

    This applies to those of you who want to rent a car without involving the driver. Keep in mind, every vehicle driver must have a SIM. To drive a car, you must have a SIM. Make sure you drive using SIM A. This is important so that you can drive properly and not endanger yourself or others.

    Don’t Rent a Car that is Overloaded

    Don’t rent an overloaded car. What is meant by overload can be overloaded passengers or goods. Each type of car has its own capacity, so you are not advised to use a car in excess of the carrying capacity. Because if it exceeds, it can affect the condition of the car balance the car in driving.

    Another impact of overloading on a car that is carried is not comfortable. The car will be unstable when driving on the road.

    In terms of fuel effectiveness. Cars that are overloaded tend to be more wasteful in fuel consumption. Not only that, some components such as suspension and brakes will not perform optimally. Well, if the component does not work optimally, it can cause severe accidents. Once again, a vacation that is supposed to be fun, can get messy. So obey and know the maximum load before renting a car.

    Don’t Rent a Car By Dirting It

    Treat the car you rent as yours. After you use it, there is a possibility that someone else will rent a car too. Although the tenant does not prohibit you from eating while in the cabin or traveling. It’s good this food is not scattered under the car cabin. In addition, you should not dispose of food leftovers in the car cabin.

    Food and trash scattered in the cabin have the potential to invite insects such as cockroaches. Certainly not comfortable right, if you are cool to walk around suddenly there are cocky cockroaches in the cabin. Therefore, maintaining the cleanliness of a rental car is very important. Because cleanliness is part of faith, right?

    Don’t Rent a Car Then Modify It

    The things that you shouldn’t do when renting a car is don’t try to make modifications. Leave the car in an as-is condition, that is, it remains intact like the factory subordinates of the car.

    Price Car rental in Bali

    Kind of car rental with driver + fuel
    √ Avanza / Xenia USD 38
    √ All new avanza / Xenia USD 40.
    √ Suzuki APV USD 40.
    √ Innova USD 30 USD 59
    √ Innova reborn USD 65
    √ Kia pregio / travello USD 60
    √ Isuzu Elf 12 seats USD 65
    √ Isuzu Elf 17 USD 79
    √ Toyota hiace USD 79
    √ Toyota alphard USD 127.

    You Can Rent Quality Bali Cars in Our Place

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