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Type of Minibus Car that Can be Rental Car in Bali For Vacation

    Minibus Car That Can Be Rental Cars in Bali

    Types of Minibus Car That Can Be Rental Cars in Bali For Vacation – to Bali is the most delicious to bring along the family or other people closest. Traveling with lots of people will be more exciting and fun because it can be joking, chatting and enjoying all the time together. After taking some people, calculate the amount to determine the means of transportation you want. Rent a car in Bali can be the best transport service.

    How nice everyone can be in a cheap car rental car in Bali. There is a car that can carry up to 16 people or commonly called a minibus. If one car, you do not need to buy gasoline or fuel for some cars. That way, it will be more efficient, the journey becomes quality and no moments are missed. Well, here are some choices of suitable minibus car to accompany you on vacation.

    Here are 3 Types of Minibus that Can be Rental Car in Bali for Vacation

    Before deciding to rent a car in Bali, make sure you’ve got a cheap car rental service in Bali. You can use the services of Wayan Bali Driver which also provides minibus option. Visit the website Wayan Driver , select the car and feel the comfort of driving.

    Suzuki APV

    For those of you who vacation with a number of 7 people, should rent a car Suzuki APV only. Sporty cars with a large body will be able to guarantee the flexibility in the car for 7 people. The cabin is very relieved and the engine is smooth, allowing you with a group can sleep or rest. Especially car rental in Bali plus the driver, of course make you can enjoy the full journey.

    Suzuki APV

    USD 40
    10 Hours Service
    • Brand – New Manivan with Airconditioning
    • Recommended 4 Passenger
    • ( Maximum 7 Passengers without luggage )
    • Driver & Fuel Included

    Toyota Hiace

    Rent hiace car in bali with Wayan Bali Driver includes driver and petrol, other minibus type you can rely on to transport passenger more than 10 person is Toyota Hiace. In addition to spacious cabin, the distance of the roof with the floor was quite high, while the diesel engine is ideal for driving in Bali. This car is equipped with AC type FR and RR Cooler that can reach up to the back though.

    toyota hiace

    USD 79
    10 Hours Service
    • Brand – New Luxury Small Minibus
    • Recommended 10 Passengers without Luggage)
    • ( Maximum 15 Passengers )
    • Driver & Fuel Included

    This car is also equipped with audio entertainment features that has 6 speakers. It’s fun to listen to music in the car.

    Isuzu Elf

    The Isuzu Elf also includes a comfortable minibus occupied by more than 10 people. This car presents a fairly spacious cabin, luggage was large as well as a machine that bundle. There are two types of Isuzu Elf cars that are short and long. The difference lies in the capacity of the car, choose according to the number of people you take for a vacation. The seating and amenities are very comfortable, while diesel engines are known for fuel economy.

    isuzu elf

    USD 59
    10 Hours Service
    • Brand – New Minibus with Airconditioning
    • Recommended 10 Passenger
    • ( Maximum 14 Passengers without luggage )
    • Driver & Fuel Included

    Begin to determine which car can transport all the people you bring to Bali. Then, contact Wayan Bali Driver and also enjoy the shuttle service from the airport.


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