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Rent a Toyota Alphard Transformer in Bali

    Alphard Car Rental in Bali
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    Talking about vacationing in Bali certainly can not be separated by transportation of vehicles for you and your family to visit tourist attractions in Bali. In Bali there are lots of cheap car rental places for us that don’t need to be bothered bringing your own vehicle. Especially by renting a car in Bali with a driver after comparing the costs incurred cheaper than bringing your own car, and also renting a car makes us not tired of driving a car and our time on vacation in Bali is very effective. Regarding the time also that on the way to tourist attractions will be faster to the destination because the driver hired by his car is professionally very experienced in tracing tourism sites in Bali and speak English.

    alphard car rentalToyota Alphard car rental prices in Bali
    Alphard = Rp. 1,800,000

    • Over Time : USD 13 / hours
    • —————————–
    • Brand – New Luxury Van with Aircontioning
    • Recommended for 4 Passengers
    • ( Maximum 7 Passengers without luggage )
    • Driver & Fuel Included
    • Mineral Water

    In enjoying the holiday we can rent a Toyota Alphard Transformer in Bali, because this car is a car that is often sought after by tourists for its transportation equipment around in Bali. This car is a luxurious family car equipped with sophisticated and classy features. This Toyota Alphard Transformer car does have a luxurious and premium design. Toyota Alphard Transformer excellence with its large size, this car has a spacious cabin that can store the things we carry and can accommodate 7 passengers including drivers, it is very suitable for one family for our vacation.

    Cheap car rental in Bali

    In addition, if in hot weather, this car is also equipped with AC control in each passenger seat that can be adjusted so that our car does not overheat. Alphard Transformer toyota car rental in Bali will not be disappointed in addition to cheap rental prices, this car is also quite luxurious and very suitable for us to use in meetings and business matters to make our vacation much more memorable.

    Best Cheap Car Rental Services in Bali

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