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Seminyak Airport Transport

    Seminyak Airport Transport

    Seminyak Airport Transport – Wayan Bali Driver is a Seminyak airport transport provider that is experienced in servicing tourist and business shuttle from I Ngurah Rai Airport, Bali. There are indeed many public transport services that serve transportation to and from the airport, but not all are comfortable and safe. Different if you use a Bali private driver, you can feel like being in your car.

    You can also choose which car you want to ride or adjust the number of people you bring from Daihatsu Xenia to Isuzu ELF Long available at Wayan Bali Driver. We also provide drivers who are experienced, friendly and can serve you well. Well, here is a complete explanation of Seminyak Airport Transport services!

    Benefits of Choosing Seminyak Airport Transport Services

    Bali Airport Transfer Service
    Bali Airport Transfer Service

    You can enjoy convenient transportation to and from the airport in Bali. It is suitable for groups of up to 12 people. If you have ordered the Bali private driver service, you do not need to bother looking for a vehicle that can eventually extend your waiting time at the airport. Then, you will arrive on time at the hotel in the Seminyak area or Bali Airport.

    While in the car, you can rest without feeling hot in the summer or rain in the rainy season. Then, you will also avoid danger like on public transportation. Bali Driver will deliver you professionally, friendly and willing to help you during your trip. The existence of car insurance will protect you during the journey.

    The Seminyak Airport Transport Service Order Process

    If you want to order Seminyak airport transport services, you can go to the website Then, choose which car you want to use. After that, fill in the order form here or contact the Wayan Bali Driver contact listed on the website for ordering. Reservations are speedy and can be done for 24 hours.

    Price of Seminyak Airport Transport Service

    For Bali private driver services between the airport and Seminyak, Wayan Bali Driver only charges a price of $ 15 / minimum of 2 people. The price includes fuel, friendly driver, tax and insurance during the trip.

    Ordering Instructions

    • You can order the same day, no later than 3 hours before pickup.
    • For airport pickup, make sure you provide the exact date and time of arrival.
    • When picking up at the hotel, pick up date and time up to 3 hours before your flight to anticipate traffic jams or other obstacles.
    • The Wayan Bali Driver Team is not responsible for missed flights.

    Vehicle Choices

    There are several types of vehicles that you can choose from, including:

    • MPV car category: This car has a capacity of 3-5 passengers with standard luggage.
    • Van category cars: Maximum car capacity is 13 – 15 passengers with 4 – 6 standard luggage.

    That is a complete explanation of the Wayan Bali Driver service for Seminyak Airport Transport. We always try to make sure you arrive at your destination safe dan comfortable.

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