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Car rental in Ubud

    Car rental in Ubud

    Car rental in Ubud – Ubud be a part of tourism map Bali quite popular from long years ago, once you are satisfied enjoy the nature of coastal region area South as Kuta, legian and Nusa Dua, it’s time you move find natural color different in Ubud, attractions in Bali in the region Ubud views Rice, Valley and the Mount, so natural landscape Green can create atmosphere refreshing. Ubud have insfratuktur complete the tourism industry good accommodation, restaurants, transport services, Spa and of course they make it more specifically is the result Copyright art painting and balinese dance. But the transportation service that is in Ubud not possible to take a taxi, for it for the purpose of the tour or your transportation then need to rent a car in Ubud. Most of the service tourism in Ubud using local services Driver and car.

    Why Car rental in Ubud

    The service car rental in Ubud including bus rental tourism at the time you decide to stay in Ubud or Just see around the Ubud area, there are many ways to enjoy the beauty of offered in the surrounding like involved tour package provided by a travel agent, car rental in Bali even if the left with our group provides a list of rental price tour bus. List of the vehicle rental Toyota avanza, Innova, alphard, hiace, Suzuki APV and Isuzu Elf. For the purpose of you can make a reservation or rent a car in Ubud the beginning of this through our online or through the Internet, the price definitely different and cheaper. And the following rental price of the car, along with a list of the vehicle is provided. While if you need a bigger vehicles, we provide a list of the lease bus in Bali. Vehicle we provide guaranteed clean, worth using for transportation tour and also with driver experienced.

    Price Car rental in Ubud

    Kind of car rental with driver + fuel
    √ Avanza / Xenia USD 38
    √ All new avanza / Xenia USD 40.
    √ Suzuki APV USD 40.
    √ Innova USD 30 USD 59
    √ Innova reborn USD 65
    √ Kia pregio / travello USD 60
    √ Isuzu Elf 12 seats USD 65
    √ Isuzu Elf 17 USD 79
    √ Toyota hiace USD 79
    √ Toyota alphard USD 127.

    Terms and conditions Car rental in Ubud; car rental + drivers applicable per 10 hours, the minimum lease a day. Passenger numbers not exceed the capacity of the vehicle in general. Car rental in Ubud plus drivers. For a while services car rental in Ubud only with driver, but we guarantee car rental plus drivers in Ubud will be more effective, although the time rent day calculated maximum of 10 hours, but we still flexible, excess of use for 30 minutes we don’t count, especially when travel experiences congestion hours and even then tolerated, as of 10 hours in the course normal. Driver presents experienced, polite, friendly and understand the road travel map Bali.

    ubud hire driver
    Many advantages that you can get if you car rental with drivers in Bali, especially when the holiday arrived, go to places general tourist congestion, parking limited, other if there is a procession of religious ceremony the main road often closed and transferred to the other way, and for that our driver will be able to find a way alternative closer to the destination.

    Destination in Ubud

    By car rental plus your drivers can relax trip, enjoy the nature, watch various local culture surrounding areas. Attractions in the region. Ubud car rental in Ubud, you need to understand the tourist places who are in the region, or ask for help your drivers recommend it, or just a reference to your travel following a number of points of interest in this area, among others; Center neighborhood Ubud, here is no art market that sells a variety of purposes by-by the Bali, and entertainment Center staging a variety of dance. Museum and art gallery, to see a variety of the results of the work of art painting, sculpture and there are many of art gallery and Museum like Museum Blanco Renaissance, Rai Museum of art, Museum Castle painting and Museum neka.

    Ubud Area Tour

    Monkey Forest, known as the attractions monkey Forest Bali, protected Forest inhabited by hundreds of the monkey long tail friendly with visitors. Hill campuhan, region is also known as the Hills of love and the Mount Mountain Bee, offering a stretch pasture wild in the Hills and view a Green Valley and beautiful. Rafting in ayung, the River flow ayung still located in the region Ubud, the present attractions rafting the most popular in Bali. Tegalalang Rice terrace, view of Rice fields in Ubud already very famous, even hotel rely on the strength Hornet natural charm Rice interesting tourists, one of the popular enough is things to do tegalalang in thin.

    So much to offer you can visit as car rental in Ubud with Bali Driver Service, number of other interested located adjacent around like Bali zoo, bird Park, elephants cave, Tirta empul temple, Mountain kawi, barong dance at batubulan and until kintamani site can recommendations nearby in a arrange your tour. In addition to travel packages, and car rental in Bali, we provide share voucher Recreation like tourist submarine Odyssey submarines, watersport Tanjung benoa, trip up camel Nusa Dua, rafting in ayung river, contemporary dance devdan shows and who like to climb please visit to Mount batur a great place to climb.


    Well, that’s the advantage of Toyota Hiace cars for tourism in Bali. For reservations, please open our website at or phone / WhastApps +6285237146445

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