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Nature Tourism in Bali Besides Beaches

    ulun danu temple

    Nature Tourism in Bali Besides Beaches – Although it is a beach paradise and a destination for surfers, Bali is not only filled with water and sand. There are still many other locations that should be explored and explored.
    Call it temples, mountains, lakes, even rice fields. This adds to the long list of advantages of Bali tourism in the eyes of the national, especially international.

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    Some Alternative Travel Destinations in Bali Besides Beaches

    Are you bored with the beach? The following information may be useful for you as an alternative walk in Bali. Don’t forget to rent a car in Bali to make it easier to reach all of these locations.

    1. Mount Batur Lake

    We can begin the first journey by tasting the mystical beauty of the natural Mount Batur. Here is a phenomenal cemetery. Where corpses are not planted on the ground, they are just put on the surface. Strangely there was no foul smell or the carcass smelled. It is said that this is caused by the Trunyan tree that grows around the cemetery.

    Batur Trekking & Kintamani Tour

    2. Tanah Lot Temple

    Your Bali tour will not be complete without a visit to Tanah Lot Temple. With a magnificent backdrop of unique coastlines and a backdrop of sunsets, this temple attracts many tourists around the world.
    This temple is located in Beraban Village in Tabanan Regency. You can watch the sunset or just admire the temple with its amazing architecture.
    Another charm of this temple is that people can visit cultural parks and enjoy traditional dance performances. Because this temple was built as part of Balinese mythology, it is believed that this place was guarded by poisonous snakes. This animal is intended to drive out evil spirits.

    3. Uluwatu Temple

    Dramatically perched on a steep cliff, Pura Luhur Uluwatu is one of the six main temples believed to be the spiritual pillars of Bali. Famous for its visit and known for its superb location and exotic sea views, this temple has an almost magical sunset background.

    You can admire the performances of the Kecak dance and Balinese architecture printed on the walls of this sea temple. This temple is located 250 feet above the waves of the Indian Ocean. This makes it an ideal place to enjoy amazing sunset views.
    This temple is a place of worship for Balinese-Hindu gods and only true Hindus can enter the smaller second temple inside.

    Uluwatu Tour

    4. Tegallalang Rice Terrace

    You may have heard of the Tegallalang Rice Terrace in Ubud. So when you visit Bali, this is a must visit place. With winding rice fields and incredible views, people always fall in love with this location.The rice terraces are arranged very neatly with a beautiful stretch of rice fields and are located on a sloping edge. In this place, you will see Balinese farmers planting rice in their fields.

    Jatiluwih Tour

    5. Ubud Monkey Forest

    Inhabited by more than 700 long-tailed Balinese monkeys, this location is a sacred forest full of lush greenery. In addition to more than 186 species of trees and plants, three respected Hindu temples are the main destination in the forest area which also hosts several festivals every year.

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