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Cheap Car Rental with Drivers

    Cheap Car Rental with Drivers

    Cheap Car Rental with Drivers – To enjoy a low budget vacation, many are confused about transportation. Many think that rental cars in Bali will be subject to expensive fees. Eits don’t seem to be all because Wayan Bali Driver offers cheap car rental prices in Bali.

    However, don’t get me wrong, from the price offered, Wayan Bali Driver still provides the best quality cars and all with new cars. Wayan Bali Driver has a wide selection of cars with economical rental prices. The main thing is perfect for those of you who want to enjoy a holiday in bali.

    Wayan Bali Driver - Cheap Car Rental with Drivers
    Benefits of Cheap Car Rental With Drivers

    Choosing to rent a cheap car will have a distinct advantage for you. What are the benefits we will get if we rent a car at a cheap price? Come see below:

    1. Can Save Costs

    If you rent a car at a cheap price, it will certainly save your expenses. So for example you have a little excess money specifically for transportation because the rental price is cheap then the rest of the money can be made for others.

    2. Can Buy Gifts

    With you renting a car in Bali with cheap price, surely you can buy more souvenirs. If you have planned the cost for souvenirs is only enough for the family, you can add it specifically to your friends.

    3. Can Save

    Holidays do not only spend a lot of money, because now you can still save money. Usually the money for the holidays has been prepared specifically, well since there are still more than you spend more time on the tube, you can make plans for your next vacation or to increase education savings.

    Type of Minibus Car that Can be Rental Car in Bali For Vacation

    4. Can Increase Portions

    A day visiting tourist attractions is certainly hungry and tired. Well, you can add your meal to your heart’s content. With the price of renting a car in Bali, the cheap hobby of eating you can still be channeled. Now you don’t need to be afraid of starvation during holidays.

    5. Can Shopping Clothes

    Travel is certainly a lot of interesting clothes because it is not necessarily in our place of origin. Well, calm down, here is the most coveted advantage if you rent a cheap car. You can buy new clothes that you like when traveling.

    Choice of Cheap Car Type

    Even though it’s cheap but don’t get me wrong, the car remains in good condition. You can check first before deciding to rent. The rented car is very well maintained. For choices of cars that you can rent at low prices, including:

    • Toyota Innova: For Toyota Innova you can rent this car for a full day of with price usd 54 per car or IDR. 750,000, duration 10 hours and for Half Day IDR. 450,000, – duration for 5 hours
    • Toyota Avanza: For Toyota Avanza you can rent this car for a full day with price USD 38 per cars Duration 10 hours or IDR. 540,000, – and for Half Day IDR. 350,000, – for 5 hours
    • Daihatsu Xenia: For Daihatsu Xenia you can rent this car for a full day with price USD 38 per car duration 10 hours or IDR. 540,000, – and for Half Day IDR. 350,000,
    • Suzuki APV, For Suzuki APV Full day tour USD 40 per car Duration 10 hours or IDR 590.000,- half day usd 28 or IDR 375.000 for 5 hours duration and we also have cars specifically for groups such as Isuzu Elf shot, Isusu Elf Long, Toyota Hiace, and super comfortable Toyota Alphard cars.
    The price included private car, fuel, parking fee, Tol if any and english speaking driver

    Very cheap price that we offered, for car rental prices in Bali can change at any time base on your itinerary and pick up area. For that you can contact Wayan Bali Driver customer service for complete information. The rental process is easy too, let’s book your favorite cheap car right away!

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