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Lovina Beach Bali

    Lovina Beach Bali

    Lovina Beach Bali – Bali has long been a popular tourist reference in Indonesia and the World. One of the attractions that are in demand by tourists is Bali Lovina Beach. This beach offers beauty that is different from the others.
    No need to be afraid to spend the night on Lovina Beach, here there are many inns at prices according to the budget of the tourists. Starting from low-cost prices with simple accommodations, or luxurious prices with various lodging facilities from dolphin attractions and mini gardens inside.

    The beauty of Lovina Beach Bali

    Lovina Beach has black sand and natural natural beauty. The coastal area also lined up with traditional fishing boats. Tourists can use car services in Bali such as Wayan Bali Driver to visit the beach.
    The important attraction of Lovina Beach is not only from the beach, the activity of dolphins in the middle of the sea is cool to watch.

    Dolphin Attractions

    Lovina attractions are very famous for the attraction of wild dolphins in the middle of the sea. On this beach tourists will see hundreds of dolphins playing in the middle of the sea.

    To be able to watch the action of dolphins, tourists must depart from the beach to the middle of the sea at dawn. In order not to be late, tourists can use cheap car rental services in Bali such as Wayan Bali Driver.

    By using a car, tourists will arrive at the beach. After that, tourists will use fishing boats to get to the middle of the sea. Around 6 am, dolphins will appear on the surface of the sea. Unfortunately this dolphin show can only be seen until 8 o’clock in the morning.

    The trip to the middle of the sea will be very favored by tourists, the beauty of the sunrise with relatively calm sea waters makes Lovina Beach even more loved. Domestic and foreign tourists can see dolphins about 1 km from the shore. Dolphins are seen jumping above sea level, some are just swimming. This cute dolphin action is an unforgettable experience.

    Not only that, Lovina Beach also has diving facilities. Marine biota in the sea is not playful, there are various kinds of fish and other sea creatures. Certainly it will not be less interesting with dolphins in Lovina.


    Dolphin Attraction Ticket Fees

    If you are interested in seeing dolphin shows at Lovina tourist attractions, then there’s no harm in checking tickets for the attraction’s price.

    Actually to see the adorable black animals, tourists are not charged a ticket. It’s just that tourists will be charged a fee to rent a fishing boat to get to the middle of the sea, where it is where the dolphins are located.

    The best time to watch dolphins is 06.00 – 07.30 in the morning. So to see the attractions of the tourists must be on the beach at around 5:30 a.m. Therefore, it never hurts to rent a car in Bali.

    That is a complete explanation of dolphin attractions on Bali’s Lovina Beach. There’s nothing wrong with getting your family or friends to enjoy the beauty of this beach. Surely a vacation on the island of Bali is an experience that will be easy to forget. So happy holiday!

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