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Tanah Lot Temple

    Tanah Lot Temple

    Tanah Lot Temple – The tourist spot of Tanah Lot Temple is also known as Luhur Tanah Lot Temple, which is a holy place of Hinduism that has stunning natural beauty. Moreover, when you see the sunset in Tanah Lot, it is amazing. Indeed the sunset at Tanah Lot is the best in Bali.

    Tanah Lot means land in the sea, because it is in the sea or the beach is like floating at high tide. This temple is on the shore of Tanah Lot and stands on a strong sea reef. While on the west there is Batu Bolong Temple which is just as beautiful.

    Location of Tanah Lot Temple

    The location of this temple is in Beraban Village, Kediri District, with Tabanan Regency. Approximately 25 kilometers from the capital city of Bali, Denpasar. In order to be able to go to Tanah Lot Temple comfortably, tourists can rent cheap luxury car rentals with complete facilities in them.


    Places of worship are temples of Hinduism made to worship God which manifests as Dewa Baruna or the Sea. This worship is done for the safety and welfare of the world and also the balance of the earth and the sea.
    8 Holy Temples in Tanah Lot. In the Tanah Lot area there are eight sacred temples with their respective functions and objectives, namely:

    1. Upgrading Temple

    This temple is north of Tanah Lot Temple. The function of the upgrading temple is to praise God and His manifestations to be prosperous and happy.

    2. Penyawang Temple

    The temple used for prayer when the tide is in becomes an alternative place of worship when the Tanah Lot Temple cannot be entered. Penyawang Temple is located in the western part of Penataran Temple.

    3. Jero Kandang Temple

    Located west of Penyawang Temple, this temple is used to beg for the safety and welfare of plants and livestock.

    4. Enjung Galuh Temple

    The temple used to worship Dewi Sri so that agriculture and land become fertile, this temple is near PuraJero Kandang.

    5. Batu Bolong Temple

    100 meters next to the weight of Enjung Galuh Temple, Pura Batu Bolong is located. This temple is used for the Melasti ceremony or also called the sanctification ceremony.

    6. Batu Mejan Temple

    While 100 meters to the west of Batu Bolong Temple, there is Batu Mejan Temple, also called Beji Temple. The meaning of Beji is a spring in Bali. People believe that the holy water in the temple can purify the bad or negative elements.

    7. Tri Antaka Monument

    This monument is used to honor 3 Balinese Heroes, namely: I Nyoman Regug, I Wayan Kamias, and I Gusti Ketut Kregeg. They have fought to guard the island of Bali from invaders.

    8. Pakendungan Temple

    Pakendungan Temple is where Dang Hyang Nirartha meditates. In addition, this temple became the magic kris of Jaramenara at the Beraban Sakti Bendesa. But in 1980, the edge of the Pura Tanah Lot reef had been eroded due to abrasion so it was dangerous for tourists to come there.

    The eight temples above are one of the uniqueness of Tanah Lot Temple so that many local and foreign tourists come to this temple. Actually there are several ways to visit this temple, one of them is by renting a car at Wayan Bali Driver, this method is fairly safe and comfortable for tourists.

    Enjoy the Beauty of Sunset at Tanah Lot Temple

    Another unique feature of this temple is sunset (sunset), many tourists are waiting for this moment. Nice to Visit Tanah Lot at 4pm to 7pm to get the beautiful moment of sunset. Don’t worry about not getting a vehicle at night, tourists can rent a car from Wayan Bali Driver to go back to the hotel or take a walk in Bali.

    That is the two uniqueness of Tanah Lot Temple which is very interesting to see. Actually there are still a few more myths that must be sought for when vacationing in the temple. Curious? Come on vacation there.

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