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Playing Water Sports in Bali

    Water Sports in Bali

    Your holiday plans to Bali are not complete if you haven’t rented a Bali car. That way, it will be easier to explore various tourist attractions in Bali with Wayan Bali driver. We guarantee that you will be happy and comfortable with our drivers who are experienced in their field. One way is to try taking a water sport tour which is quite popular on the Island of the Gods.

    List of Locations for Playing Water Sports in Bali

    Water sports are a very exciting game. Moreover, there are many rides to choose from with various interesting facilities. It will definitely make tourists more satisfied with spending their holiday time. Here are several locations to play water sports on the island of Bali:

    1. Tanjung Benoa Water Sports

      Who doesn’t know Tanjung Benoa? This tourist location is even very famous in Bali. No wonder it is mandatory for you to visit the location. Namely, so you can enjoy firsthand what the excitement of water sports in Tanjung Benoa is like.

      There are many choices of the most popular water sports rides. One of them is close to Bali’s I Gusti Ngurah Rai International Airport. Namely at Tanjung Benoa Beach, Bali. Of course you can visit the beach area to play this ride.
    2. Sanur Water Sports

      The next choice is Sanur Water Sport. You can visit Sanur Beach to enjoy the water rides. Moreover, this beach is very famous for its beautiful sunrise. Of course you shouldn’t miss visiting it. Especially if the weather is still very sunny.

      You will also be greeted by the exoticism of Mount Agung from a distance. This beach also provides many water rides which are very exciting to play. Starting from banana boats, canoes, snorkeling, diving, seawalking, wakeboarding, and so on.
    3. Krisna Water Sports

      Another recommended location is Krisna Water Sport. This tourist spot is in Buleleng Regency, North Bali. The location even became the first water tourist attraction in Singaraja. There are many other rides that you can enjoy so you won’t get bored.

      Such as fly fish, parasailing, banana boats, fly boards, donut boats, and so on. You can choose the type of water games you want to enjoy with your family later. The location is on Jalan Seririt – Singaraja, Temukus Village, Kec. Banjar, Kab. Buleleng, Bali.
    4. Bali Wake Park

      Included as the newest water sports vehicle in Bali. Of course, it is highly recommended to visit the location directly. There are many types of water games that you can try. Such as seawalking, banana boating, wakeboarding and parasailing.

      Every visitor can even play in the water at any time. Even at night. It’s no surprise that it is highly recommended as the best location to enjoy water sports in Bali. Of course, it is very suitable if you want to get lots of exciting challenges.
    5. Labuhan Amuk Beach

      This is one of the diving spots that you can visit on the island of Bali. Precisely in the East Bali area with incredibly beautiful views. Visitors can enjoy the beauty of the underwater world without needing to use diving equipment.

      Just use the submarine services that are available. The manager is Odyssey Submarine Bali. Of course you can enjoy the most unique water rides compared to other locations. It’s not surprising that this place is always busy with visitors.
    6. Bintang Water Sports

      You can also choose other locations that are no less interesting. Like Bintang Water Sport which is on Jalan Pratama Tanjung Benoa, Kab. Badung, Bali. This tourist spot itself is always open every day. Namely from 08.30 WITA to 16.00 WITA in the afternoon.

      There are many choices of water games that visitors can try. Such as banana boats, flying fish, parasailing, seawalkers, and even snorkeling. This tourist location also provides a very large parking area for both cars and motorbikes. The surrounding facilities are complete and adequate.
    7. Lembongan Water Sports

      You can also visit Nusa Lembongan to enjoy the surrounding water rides. Moreover, this area will offer amazing white sand beaches. There are also the best diving spots so don’t miss coming to the location directly.

      This island also provides many water rides as fun entertainment during the holidays. Such as snorkeling, diving, speed boat, banana boat, and various other interesting activities. Certainly this island in the southeast of Bali is suitable as a holiday for families.

    Considerations Before Renting a Bali Car

    Visiting the various water sport locations above will certainly not be exciting if you only use public transportation. As a recommendation, you can use vehicle rental services in Bali. Choose four-wheeled transportation or a car so that it is very comfortable to drive. You and your family can decide for yourself which direction you want to visit. Don’t forget to pay attention to passenger capacity.
    You can also get recommendations from car rental services in Bali and their drivers regarding the most suitable vehicle to choose.

    There are many locations you can visit to enjoy water sports on the island of Bali. Of course it won’t be complete if you don’t rent a car with us. Therefore, make sure you choose a trusted rental place. The recommendation is from Wayan Bali Driver.

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