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The Enchantment of Bali’s Sanur Beach That You Will Be Hard to Forget

    sanur beach

    Sanur Beach – If you have plan to vacation in Bali, it feels incomplete if you haven’t visited Sanur beach with beautiful beach in Bali presents an exciting holiday for you and your family. To explore the beauty of tourism in Bali, you can use our Car Rental services in Bali, Bali car rental with english speaking driver.

    If you plan to stay while on vacation in Bali, this beautiful beach destination is perfect for you. Many inns are available on this beach. So, after a trip that is quite far from the port or airport, you and your family can get rid of fatigue and fatigue at the available accommodation around the beach.

    Sanur Beach with a variety of attractions

    Sanur Bali Beach is similar to Nusa Dua Bali. These two beaches are often linked to one another because of their almost similar natural characteristics. Both have similar beaches with white sand, the waves are very calm, not very crowded like Kuta Bali beach, and both of them are the best spots to watch the beautiful sunrise.

    A striking difference from the two, Sanur beach tourism offers holidays to the eastern coast of Bali with a more affordable budget. Most inns and hotels are close to the coastline, which makes children easily play on the beach. In addition, shallow coastal waters and calm waves are perfect for children swimming.

    1. Beautiful Beach With Very Quiet Waves

    This white sand beach attracts many tourists with their families because of the very calm atmosphere. The sand of Sanur beach is very soft and the waves are very small and calm. For that, this beach is very suitable and safe for those of you who are on vacation with your children. You can trace it by renting our car in Bali.

    2. Availability of Accommodation at All Budgets

    One thing that makes this beautiful beach highly recommended as your tourist destination with family is the large number of accommodation options that fit your pocket. You can find various types of accommodation, from home lodging, family hotels to 5 star resorts. So, you can adjust to your wishes and budget.

    3. Many Interesting Culinary Places

    Traveling on this beach, you do not need to be confused to find a place to fill your stomach. In the Sanur beach tourist area, you can easily find various culinary spots. Various menus are available, ranging from Indonesian, Asian to Western cuisines. While enjoying the beauty of Sanur beach, you can sample specialties that fit your tongue.

    4. 4 KM Bike Path Stretches on the Beach Lips

    On the beach famous for its beautiful sunrise, you can cycle along the beach. You don’t need to worry, many bicycle rental services that you can use. This is what you might not find on another beach. Besides cycling, you can also jogging on this one long track.

    On this comfortable 2-way track, you can invite your children to ride together. So, this pathway is safe for children cycling.

    5. Beaches with the best spots to witness Sunrise

    Beaches in Bali are indeed famous for their extraordinary sunrise. You can see this rare sight from the shoreline. One of the best spots to see the sunrise is Sanur Bali beach.To explore other attractions in Bali, you can take advantage of our cheap car rental in Bali, the Bali car rental.

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