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Bali’s Dreamland Beach

    dreamland beach

    Bali’s Dreamland Beach – Dreamland Beach Bali tourist attraction is one of the newest tourist attractions located in Pecatu Bali. No wonder the beach is called the dream beach because of its amazing charm. This beach is almost similar to Kuta Beach Bali. In the past this beach was always wanted by the people as a Bali beach tour or the next Kuta Beach Bali.

    Until after this beach is popular, people often call it New Kuta Beach. As one of the popular tourist attractions in Bali. Dreamland Beach is also very suitable for family holidays by enjoying the beauty of white sand beaches in charming and charming Bali.

    Unbeatable Enchantment from Bali’s Dreamland Beach

    The beach that has the meaning of a dream land has a contour that is almost the same as Kuta Beach Bali and the geographical landscape. Dreamland Beach is surrounded by towering cliffs that are one of the attractions of visitors. Here comes the charms that you might only find on Dreamland Beach.

    1. Enchanting White Sand Overlay at Dreamland Bali

    Bali is indeed famous for its white sand beach. But unlike the Balinese dreamland, here you will find different sensations on this beach. The white sand offered by Dreamland Bali is also decorated by small pools when the water recedes. The beach which has wide stretch of white sand is suitable for tourists sunbathing and bathing in the sun. This really smooth and soft white sand is what distinguishes white sand from other beaches.

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    2. Dreamland Beach Conqueror Surfing Place

    Well, for those of you who like to surf. Dreamland Beach is perfect for you. Dreamland Beach is also a favorite beach for beginner or professional surfers. High and powerful waves are a challenge and an attraction for surfers. In fact, Dreamland is also listed as the best surfing place in Bali.

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    3. Enchantment of Dream Sunset in Bali

    At Dreamland Bali you will be presented with natural spots that are no less beautiful than the other spots offered. You will be presented by the magnificent beauty of the sunset. Dreamland Beach is also noted as the place to see the best sunset. You can see the beautiful sunset at 5:00 p.m. to 6:30 p.m.

    When these times are the best moments to see the sunset. And don’t forget you captured these precious moments as proof of the beautiful sunset on the dream beach. Photographing the natural beauty of Dreamland Beach, which is very instragramable, you should appreciate.

    4. Elite Tourism Areas in Bali

    Dreamland Beach is a beach located in the elite tourism area in Bali, which is located right in starred hotels and luxury resorts, making this beach add to your comfort while on vacation in Bali.

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    5. Extensive Golf Course

    Besides swimming, surfing, volleyball on the beach. You can also get golf facilities on the beach, isn’t it interesting? Those of you who have not been there can imagine how fun it is to play golf on the beach with hot air, adding to your playing is more fun.

    Bali Dreamland Beach

    Don’t waste your time on vacation. Choose an exciting tour, one of them is, Bali Dreamland Beach. With a reasonably priced ticket, you can see the beautiful charm at Dreamland Beach.

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