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The Advantages of Toyota Hiace Cars for Tourism in Bali

    Advantages of Toyota Hiace Cars for Tourism in Bali – Hiace car rental in Bali is a favorite choice for tourists, because this car has many advantages. The Toyota Hiace car is perfect for those of you who are on holiday to Bali with family or many friends. This car feels very comfortable to enjoy with some people. Besides being comfortable, the Toyota Hiace is a car that carries the impression of elegance, safety and prestige.

    The Advantages of Toyota Hiace Cars for Tourism in Bali

    The enjoyment that is gained while inside illustrates that this car is an international class and the number 1 factory output in the world. Generally, car rental service providers in Bali rent cars at the same time with experienced drivers. So, you don’t need to think about traveling and having fun with your loved ones even though you are in the car.

    Before you rent a car, you should first know the information about the car you are renting. In this case Toyota Hiace. Toyota Hiace is a product of Toyota Indonesia included in the commercial van category or called the minibus / microbus. This car was first launched in September 2012.

    The business car rental service providers in Bali, do not waste this newly launched car. Many entrepreneurs are immediately interested in being used as rental cars for visitors or tourists in Bali. The Toyota Hiace car is the best commuter car in Indonesia because of its convenience for passengers.

    Bali Airport Transfer

    Toyota Indonesia is targeting Hiace’s commuter cars for tour and travel businesses, especially for car rental services in Denpasar, Bali. This is because of the comfort, security and luxury impression offered by this car. Because the price of the Toyota Hiace is more expensive than the price of the Isuzu Elf, the price of Hiace car rental in Bali is also more expensive.

    As a provider of car rental services in Bali, we know that you all want the price of cheap car rental in Bali with experienced drivers. For that, we provide the lowest price for an elegant Toyota Hiace car. For those of you who have more than 10 vacationers, we recommend hiring a Hiace car. Nothing but not for your convenience when traveling.

    Bali Hiace Rental
    Here’s a list of Hiace car rental prices in Bali

    USD 79 per car or IDR 1,100,000.
    The price includes Car, petrol and english speaking driver

    Facilities that you get

    • The above price includes the driver and fuel.
    • Driverless rental is not provided to rent Hiace cars in Bali.
    • Use in 1 day at least 10 hours.

    If you exceed the predetermined usage time limit in daily rentals, you will be charged an overtime fee of IDR 110,000 / hour.
    Please compare with other car rental service providers in Bali, we are still the cheapest.

    • This is the Excellence of Toyota Hiace Cars for Tourism in Bali
    • The advantages of Toyota Hiace cars for vacationing in Bali are:
    • The car is very comfortable to use and the number of passengers can be up to 16 people
    • The air temperature in the car is very cool, because the car’s air conditioner will affect the rear of the car cabin.

    Well, that’s the advantage of Toyota Hiace cars for tourism in Bali. For reservations, please open our website at or phone / WhastApps +6285237146445

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