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Why Hiace Rentals in Bali to Travel?

    Hiace Rentals in Bali

    Hiace Rentals in Bali  – Vacation with family to Bali, less solid if you don’t use Hiace’s car. Because according to us, this is the best transportation choice for now. Why Rent Hiace in Bali?
    Hiace is a car made by Toyota that is quite fun. In fact, almost all car rental providers in Bali have this fleet. The reason is because the car has the impression of being fashionable, luxurious and several other reasons.

    Why Rent Hiace in Bali?

    Wayan Bali Driver - Cheap Car Rental with Drivers
    Wayan Bali Driver – Cheap Car Rental with Drivers

    Not inferior to others, Rental Wayan Bali Driver also provides this type of commuter car. In fact, the admin also prepares the best driver to serve you while on vacation in Bali. Wayan Bali Driver Car Rental Provider in Bali, Hire driver, Bali Driver Service, Bali Driver Hire and rent another car. Toyota Hiace car has a capacity of 13 to 16 passengers. It’s good enough to bring your whole family.

    Reasons for Hiace Rentals in Bali

    Toyota Hiace is a car with a high level of comfort. In fact, this vehicle seems exclusive and is the latest solution for traveling. The engine power is only 2.5 D-4D turbo diesel. Of course the maximum speed with pounding power is quite satisfying. The following are more complete reasons:

    1. Become a Kamulan Tourism

    Toyota Hiace emerged in 2012. Even though it has been around for a long time, the rental of minibuses in Bali is still in demand by the public. Even today, this vehicle is the choice of tourists who want to take a trip with a vehicle. Especially in the area of ​​Bali.

    2. Spacious Cabin and Full Features

    As the latest mini bus vehicle, the Toyota Hiace has a fairly spacious cabin. 16 people are the limit of the load but the sitting position remains comfortable and relaxed. This device is also equipped with full features. Besides using the Grille and Bumper, the new Headlamp is also available.

    3. Tough on All Terrain

    Toyota Hiace uses a machine system with type 4 Cylinder, In-Line, 16-valve DOHC D-4D. While the fuel used is diesel. Because of this type, the speed of the car is more fun and tough in all fields. Whether it’s on flat roads or hills.

    4. Latest Security Features and Stubborn Machines

    Safety features are important applications for cars. Therefore, Toyota Hiace has installed a parking sensor feature, ABS braking system combined with Dual SRS Airbags.
    In addition, Hiace is still guided by the 2KD-FTV Turbocharged speed system. Because this type is currently still quite stable. For this reason, the pounding of the car reaches 102 PS and the maximum tourque is 26.5 Kgm with a combination of 5 manual transmissions.

    5. Luxury and Elegant Car Design

    Hiace’s car design is also satisfying. Both interior and exterior design. Guaranteed, your tour will be full of pride even if you use a rental car. For the interior, the seat design is designed with a 3-2-2-4 seat system. This is still combined with the captain seat design made of leather mainly for positions one and two. While the sliding feature has four directions.
    The interior design is no less interesting. In addition to the chrome package for the radiator grille, the rearview mirror is also polished with similar applications. Of course the most prominent is the Luxuri accent in the rear body.

    6. Strength of Speed ​​on the Uneven Road

    The balance of the car is more ideal even on uneven roads. Because the legs are used in accordance with the existing weight. In addition, the suspension on the foot of the car has been used for two positions. That is on the front and rear position. For the front, Toyota Hiace already uses Double Wishbone type suspension with Stabilizer. While the rear suspension is a Rigid Axle Leaf Spring type.

    Of course with the two types of suspension above, the pace of the car is more steady. Even though the weight of the car is quite heavy. That means, even on a road with holes, the speed of the vehicle remains comfortable, passengers are also relaxed.Well, are you still asking why Hiace Rent in Bali? Wait. What are you doing soon to rent Hiace and rent a minibus in Bali now at Wayan Bali Driver to get super satisfying service.

    Well, that’s the advantage of Toyota Hiace cars for tourism in Bali. For reservations, please open our website at or phone / WhastApps +6285237146445

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